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The Perfection of Prada … our dream winter wardrobe.

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camparigirl's top pick
camparigirl’s top pick

If we have one thing in common with the Devil, aka Anna Wintour, it’s that we, too, love Prada. campariandsofa’s affair with Miuccia Prada is long-standing and runs deep. While our budgets may only stretch to the (very) occasional pair of shoes, a purse or a heavily discounted item from a past collection: we still  revel in Ms. Prada’s vision. Miuccia doesn’t see women as objects of desire (or as objects of any kind): her woman is strong, often uncompromising, but soft around the edges. With clear intent and a healthy dose of self-assurance.

If my coffers allowed: my current splurge would be on Saint Laurent’s collection – a sign I might have been in LA a touch too long. But the recent Fall 2013 showing from Prada left me coveting … nearly everything. Well, maybe not the shoes (though sofagirl loves the brown sandals in the picture above). But how about this most feminine dress, worn off the shoulder, over a slouchy grey cardigan? Perfection. Only a woman would have thought of that.

Milan in November is cold and damp and here is an idea on how to marry chic and comfort. I would absolutely wear something along these lines, with a pair of flat boots. And now that boobs, butts and long stretches of legs are no longer the centrepieces of our outfits, shoulders are indeed a very good asset.

prada-rtw-fw2013-runway-17_161648892264The coats might work better on long and slim frames, so they might not be for every woman, but I would plan a trip to Europe in the winter just for the chance of wearing one.

Prada’s version of the ever flattering  pencil skirt, in seasonal dark hues, is worn with a tongue-in-cheek femme off-the-shoulder cardigan. An item that was always a staple of my business attire, and I am so grateful Michelle Obama and now Prada have made it fashionable again. The overall look is lightened by a jaunty, colorful purse.

We may not be able to afford $1000 for a Prada-cardi, but sofagirl and I will be emulating this look in our own budget-friendly ways. J Crew here we come.  And Miuccia, as ever, thanks for the inspiration

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  1. silvia

    Honey if that’s your pick it’s time for you to spend more time in Europe!

    March 7, 2013
      • Well – I think I understand what Silvia is saying – they take a moment to get your head around, did for me. But when you do – they are great. Break them into components Miss S and see if you could picture yourself in any of them.

        March 7, 2013

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