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Sticky Situations …. when art meets gift wrapping.

Posted in Style & Travel, and Things We Love

Wes-Naman-scotch-tape-4Take one roll of tape, some simple props and a few willing models and you have photo-art. It was Christmas 2011: Wes Naman watched as his assistant, Joe Godfrey used the tape from his recently received Xmas present to bend his nose into silly shapes.

Wes-Naman-1 Inspiration hit, Joe was a good sport, and just over a year later: Wes has created “The Scotch Tape Series’. Photographic portraits in which he transforms friends and family into cartoonish characters – with hilarious ‘cosmetic surgery gone wrong’ results.  Amazing what a good idea and a couple of simple props can create. I think this one is definitely worth trying at home.

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(Check out more of Naman’s work on his website.)

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  1. A friend and I once did the same thing with clingfilm for 40 minutes while laughing uncontrollably and taking photos.

    February 15, 2013

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