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Re-arranging the body – one part at a time

Posted in Health, and Things We Love

Johan and his altered-ego

New Year often brings with it resolutions to change how we look. Mostly unmanageable, uncharacteristic and unmaintainable.  Photographer Fabien Nissels took it a step further. By photographing each of his friend Johan’s body parts at different angles and then printing them out on life sizeblocks: he has created a modular man with lots of body rebuilding (and amusing) options.

FabianNissels6In a similar vein: Camparigirl is going to be looking at the changes we make to our bodies in our pursuit of youthfulness. She will be interviewing prominent LA Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgeon Malcolm Lesavoy  – and wants to ask him all of the questions we’ve been keeping to ourselves. I know I have a good few of my own. Comment on this post, send us a ‘get in touch’ form or drop an email to: if you have something you’d like to ask Malcolm. We promise to keep your identity confidential if you would like us to.

See more of what Johan’s altered-ego gets up to in the gallery below.

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(Images found here and Nissels’ website here.)

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  1. I have always been a fan of plastic surgery, not so much in the pursuit of youth, but in the pursuit of a look that suit us best, that makes us feel we really look at our best. I have had both nose and eye plastic surgery and have both times felt my looks were a closer match to my spirit or essence after the surgeries. It will be interesting to read your interview!

    January 12, 2013
  2. alan

    g met malcom this should be very interesting

    January 11, 2013

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