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Things we almost forgot about ourselves, aka – this much I’m going to let you know about me

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on_the_edge_mirror_with_dogWe accepted taking the open road‘s challenge when she nominated us for A Versatile Blogger Award. Two things appealed to us about her nomination – one that we would be able to showcase both her and a couple of other blogs we really like. Two – that we would need to come up with seven facts about ourselves.
Ordinarily – Camparigirl and I are pretty tight-lipped on our most private thoughts. I’m always ready to give an opinion – but ask me to tell you what’s really going on in my heart – and you’ll get niks, nothing, nada. Unless you are a forever pal. Camparigirl wears her heart a little more prominently on her sleeve – it might be a cultural thing: she and her Italian friends will chat away happily for hours about broken hearts and disappointments in love. I would rather eat my arm.
A difference I think is beautifully reflected in our responses to Peggy Tee’s challenge:
  1. My very first crush, of the knee buckling, cheek reddening and heart racing variety, happened when I was 8. The boy in question was a year older, blond and cherubic, highly unlikely for a Neapolitan. His father was the owner of the vacation village  south of Naples where my family and I sojourned four Summers in a row. Leandro liked me back, the first year, and it was an exhilarating feeling. The next summer, though, he had moved on to better and bigger girls. With the first love came the first heartbreak and, possibly, my long life aversion to blond men.

    Camparigirl’s blonde moment #2
  2. Aside from the occasional Campari cocktail, everyone who knows me knows I don’t really drink. I am that party pooper – I am actually mildly allergic to alcohol. But I did get drunk twice: the first time at 19, in Greece, in a misguided and unsuccessful attempt to seduce some American boy named Peter. The second time I was 25, in London, on a memorable night at Stringfellows, when I got to meet one of my musical idols, Darryl Hall. While sofagirl sat in a corner trying to fend off the advances of a pudgy man who had taken a shine to her, I sat nearby, listening to Mr. Hall recounting his latest breakup and drowning his sorrows in alcohol. I am sure hit singles ensued from his experience. At 25, as I had not yet mastered the sympathy act,  all I could think of doing was to follow in his drinking path. The horrible hangover was nursed by sofagirl. My aversion to blond men was definitely cemented.
  3. I own far fewer clothes than anyone thinks. I am just very creative with what I do with them.
  4. I went through a Russian phase of misery and soul-searching which began with Tolstoy and ended with Bulgakov. It might have been “The Master and Margarita” that pushed me to read Jackie Collins. I ended up reading both Anna Karenina and War and Peace (skipping over the war bits the first two times) three times. The Russian phase ended once I actually visited Russia, during glasnost but before the economic boom, where I subsisted for over a week on tea and potatoes. I am sure Russian cuisine is filled with delicacies but I didn’t encounter them and I refuse to take life advice from people who can’t cook.


  1. I am entirely happy in my own company.
  2. I am partial to a well made cocktail. Or two. Three is a disaster.
  3. Expensive sports cars just embarrass me.
  4. I suffer fools more gladly than I did when I was younger. And I wish I didn’t.
  5. I do not get opera, it’s horrible. Except for Nessun Dorma – which is really a rock song.
  6. I have very little rhythm. A friend, who is an incredible bass player, once observed that I dance to the words.
  7. If I don’t get enough sleep – all bets are off.
Enough said.

Blogs we love to read – in addition to much beloved firm faves named on our blogroll:

Smitten Kitchen:  Deb Perelman loves to cook. She isn’t a chef or a restaurant owner—she’s never even waitressed.  She just believes  that cooking should be a pleasure, and that the results can—and should—be delicious . . . every time. Deb is a firm believer that there are no bad cooks, just bad recipes. She has dedicated herself to creating and finding the best of the best and then adapting those recipes for the everyday cook.

Wife not Lodger: Jo is a wife, mother and teacher who lives in Anglesea in the UK. She is trying to make sense of her life .. or as she puts it: “Things happen to me, it is not always my fault, I laugh, maybe drink some wine and then try to write about them!”  Warm, funny and sometimes heartrending. Always very real. woman behind this blog is a 40 something ad exec in New York, with a passion for all things “beauty”. From her, you will get the skinny on products, beauty procedures, fashion and a huge dose of humour. All the while helping us age gracefully.

Mh goi saai, terima kasih,thank you and gracias, Peggy. Long may you wander that open road.

(Images from herehere, here)

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  1. silvia

    You know darling between describing things about oneself and secrets there’s a huge rainbow, but I understand what you mean, I only wanted to be a little bit funny knowing you’ll understand. xxx

    January 10, 2013
    • I know what you meant … and I completely understood .. because we have talked about it before. So you made me smile! xx

      January 11, 2013
  2. silvia

    Dearest Sofagirl,
    is this your idea of revealing something about yourself?!!!! C’mon you can do better than this…

    January 8, 2013
    • Well – the idea was to tell 7 things about yourself …. not 7 revealing secrets. And I like to stick to a brief. xxx

      January 10, 2013
  3. You gave me the first laugh-out loud-tea-snort of 2013! The more I get to know, the more I like, loving ‘ refuse to take life advice from people who can’t cook’. Fabulous ( and Thankyou so much for mentioning my little blog…it is just baby steps but I am glad you like it!)

    January 7, 2013
  4. Mm sai, sama-sama, no problems, y de nada, ladies! Your seven facts made me laugh out loud, plus I love how all your readers got 2-for-1, seven facts EACH about both of you, brilliant! 😉 xx

    January 7, 2013

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