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Enough yet?

Posted in Life & Love, and Women's issues

candles1-1Newscasts can’t help themselves and have been  going on since yesterday with little information. There is really nothing to say other than 28 people are dead, 20 of whom little children. Inside a school, one of the safest places a parent can entrust her child to, in a small village where nothing ever happens, where people move to because it’s quaint and kids are assured a happy childhood.

In the next few days, debates will ensue, gun control will be mentioned again, politicians will spin and the NRA, refusing to comment right now, will throw in their two cents.

We have been down this path before.  Too many times, with nothing to show for all the pain of Columbine, Aurora and all those unremarkable places that would have rather  not entered the public consciousness, given the choice.  Gun control barely got a mention during the latest Presidential campaign. Will 20 innocent lives, whose sole worry should have been  presents under the tree, be finally enough  to make us raise our hands and ask that something be done?

I should not be able to walk into a Wal-Mart and purchase a gun – yet, even in my state, California, with the strictest gun laws, I could conceivably walk into a store tonight, have a background check run, wait 24 hours and walk out the proud owner of a firearm. Aren’t there  systems in place, towards which we contribute some of our taxes, set up to protect us? Why the need to “bear arms”? If it is indeed true that the guns the mentally unstable shooter used to take 27 lives with belonged to his mother, the question arises “why did a woman living in the Connecticut suburbs feel the need to own guns and rifles?”.

I hope our President, visibly shaken and barely able to complete his remarks during yesterday’s press conference, will hold on to this feeling of loss and pain and will use his remaining time in office to take the NRA lobby to task.

There is no silver lining in such a tragedy – all we can hope for is that the memory of this black Friday won’t fade as fast as the others, and that  this country will finally realize that safety is not a Glock in the dish cabinet.


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  1. I understand the need to leave the US Constitution as writ – altering it now would open the way to the limitation of all kinds of freedoms – and that’s a long slippery slope that ends badly with a rock band in jail for protesting the curtailment of freedom of speech in a church. We have access to firearms here … which often result in murder. But seldom, if ever, in this kind of devastating action. I think the government has to address this now – has to impose stringent conditions around the sale and purchase of guns and the granting of licenses. I think, when the story of why this happened comes out, we are going to find fear bred by 911, added to terrors around lawlessness after the economic crash, added to the isolation of individuals all resulting in one horrific act of violence that may finally change a law.

    December 18, 2012
  2. silvia

    I am not qualified to express an opinion as I’m European and simply don’t understand one of the biggest contradictions of this great country of yours

    December 17, 2012
    • I know, hard to understand when you live in a country where nobody has access to firearms, unless you are a policeman or a criminal. Guns will never go away here but I hope they will at least start limiting access to automatic rifles, which inflict the worst damage

      December 17, 2012
  3. It seems bizarre that these guns belonged to his mother. Maybe he managed to put them under her name by threatening her to put them under her name. Something doesn’t sound right about that. Really, aren’t we overdue for putting a stop to letting the mentally unstable have guns? Would it really take much digging to find that out when they do a background check? I DOUBT IT! How can people be so unconscious about this? This happened so soon before and during religious holidays. This town will never be the same. One man changed the lives of countless people for the worse. Yet again. Just another mentally unstable person falling through the cracks.

    December 16, 2012
    • I really hope that this will propel firearm tightening legislation. There will always be unstable people, somewhat living normally until they snap but they shouldn’t have easy access to guns. Don’t gun collectors keep their weapons locked up??

      December 17, 2012
      • I don’t see how they can solve this problem. They can tighten the gun laws but someone will still be able to get a gun if they really want to. They can pour more money into the mental health area but that takes time to reach people. It seems to me that when they cut funding for mental health years ago that these type of crimes began to rise. They need to tone put restrictions on violent programs, movies, games, etc. It’s already been proven that it’s harmful, but they just ignore that. I doubt they’ll do anything about that. I’m proud of Mayor Bloomberg for speaking out. A politician who cares! That’s a good sign! I saw a flyer today while I was at Walmart with a half page devoted to guns and rifles. It was hair-raising. I heard last night that this boy’s mother bought the assault rifle. Why would she buy an assault rifle? Neighbors said she spent her life caring for her son. It didn’t sound like she trusted him. She told a neighbor who babysat not to let him out of his sight. Maybe she was sick too.There are just too many sick people floating around who should be locked up or under medication. When I was in college, my goal was to be a therapist. Those plans were sabotaged by my divorce. I probably would have worn myself out treating people. OK, so now they have armed guards at some schools. More guns. Guns to fight the gun problem doesn’t sound like a good solution to me.

        December 20, 2012

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