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Smudging the sky.

Posted in Life & Love, and Things We Love

sky-7Ontario based photographer Matt Molloy created this breath-taking series of sky images by stacking multiple photos to create one final image. The individual photos are most often taken using timelapse photography so, in essence, they’re multiple exposures overlapped. But the image they produce is more than just the sum of their parts – layering them together  gives the shot a gorgeous  painterly effect. Almost as if someone had taken a paintbrush, held the sky still, and smudged it’s colours.

sky-2Molloy had used this technique before, mainly for star trails. But he only recently stumbled on the idea of using it in daytime: “Sunsets seem to work well, as the lighting constantly gets darker. A mid-day timelapse can get messy, but they can be fun too,” he says: “I’m a big fan of experimenting. Much like this process, you never know what you’re going to get!”

sky-6All part of taking that leap.

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(via MyModernmet, more of Matt’s work here and here)

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