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Whimsical Blobs

Posted in Things We Love

When you look at Ken Price’s pieces, pottery is not exactly what comes to mind. Although made of clay and fired in a kiln, and painstakingly painted in multiple hues, these objects transform themselves in what you want to see: monsters, sea creatures, blobs, sexual references, Alice’s tea party….the imagination runs wild.

Ken Price died last February, after spending a life as a sculptor in his native LA and, more recently, in Taos, NM and only a few months before a whimsical retrospective at LACMA.

The pieces with names like Zizi, Inez or Bro seem poised to move or melt or devour you. The colors make them more expressive. It’s hard not to smile at times – made by the hand of an artist whose inner child never left.

After closing on January 6, the exhibition will travel to Dallas and to the Met in NY.

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One Comment

  1. I feel like the bottom one most mornings.

    October 17, 2012

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