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Simple Pleasures

Posted in Home & Decor

My new friend – a Staub Cocotte

There are colors one is invariably more drawn to and the color I find most comforting has always been blue. But what shade of blue I am more attracted to has changed over the years. From the pale and pastel blues of my youth, through all variations of electric blue and back to powder blue in recent years, my favourite right now, hands down, is midnight blue.

But not just any midnight blue.

Dream Kitchen

This very modern kitchen that was featured in domino magazine in 2007 was a custom-built project designed by S. Donadic Constructions ( find this color cheerful and soothing, more saturated and less flat than what you would think midnight blue to be.

Whilst miles and many thousands dollars away from  being able to cook in such a high-tech environment, MY midnight blue has found a place in my kitchen, thanks to the new arrival of a cast iron Cocotte (which, incidentally, was just put the test for a slow cooking tomato sauce and this pot is as good as I always imagined it to be).

And, as we are chatting of things we like, sofagirl will be first to point out that domino magazine is BACK! Her favourite interior decorating magazine of all times, part of the Conde Nast family, it folded a few years ago, during the depth of the financial crisis. Unlike those high and mighty magazines full of homes we will never inhabit and creative ideas that require second mortgages, domino’s solutions were always trendy without being bank-breaking nor dull (I am talking to you Martha Stewart Living).

Finally, Conde Nast must have looked at the gap  in the market and is re-issuing quarterly editions of domino that feature ideas and articles from past issues combined with some new material. The autumn issue is on the stands now! (for the US only)

A past issue

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    • Funny how sentimental objects can make us turn!

      September 28, 2012

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